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my problem with 400 packages is that is is hard to decide what you are actually running.. or is it FreeBSD 11? is it FreeBSD 10.95342453? you have no way to tell exactly what you have without comparing all the packages to a known list. uname doesn't mean much, nor does "__FreeBSD_version" if everything comes with its own versions.

And perhaps I missed it in the large number of missives on
pkg'ing base, but we should be able to list just base packages
or host port packages.  I don't know if that is on or off
the table.

the 'leaf' concept in pkg helps with this a bit, but we've always considered FreeBSD bas as a sort of monalithic entity that moves forward together.

you are running 10.1p8 pr 10.2p1  that tells you all you need to know.
If you now need to take into account 400 different dimensions you have a much harder way to describe what you have..

Solaris base packages seem to use the OS version in their pkg
version number, for instance:

sol11 $ pkg list | grep 0.5.11 | grep system/library
system/library                               0.5.11-
system/library/boot-management               0.5.11-
system/library/c++-runtime                   0.5.11-
system/library/c++/sunpro                    0.5.11-0.168
system/library/iconv/unicode-core            0.5.11-
system/library/iconv/utf-8                   0.5.11-
system/library/install                       0.5.11-
system/library/install/libinstzones          0.5.11-
system/library/liblayout                     0.5.11-
system/library/libv12n                       0.5.11-
system/library/math                          0.5.11-
system/library/mmheap                        0.5.11-
system/library/openmp                        0.5.11-
system/library/platform                      0.5.11-
system/library/policykit                     0.5.11-
system/library/processor                     0.5.11-
system/library/security/crypto               0.5.11-
system/library/security/gss                  0.5.11-
system/library/security/gss/diffie-hellman   0.5.11-
system/library/security/gss/spnego           0.5.11-
system/library/security/libsasl              0.5.11-
system/library/security/pkcs11               0.5.11-
system/library/security/pkcs11_kernel        0.5.11-
system/library/security/pkcs11_softtoken     0.5.11-
system/library/security/pkcs11_tpm           0.5.11-
system/library/security/rpcsec               0.5.11-
system/library/storage/libdiskmgt            0.5.11-
system/library/storage/libfcoe               0.5.11-
system/library/storage/scsi-plugins          0.5.11-
system/library/storage/snia-hbaapi           0.5.11-
system/library/storage/snia-ima              0.5.11-
system/library/storage/snia-mpapi            0.5.11-
system/library/storage/suri                  0.5.11-
system/library/storage/t11-sm-hba            0.5.11-
system/library/usb/libusb                    0.5.11-
system/library/usb/libusbugen                0.5.11-

That's Solaris 11.3.  I'm assuming the 5.11 is Solaris 11 and
the 175.3 is the .3 update.  The remaining digits must be the
package versions.

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