Another option for the kvm installs and  that we are using for many years
here is to pre-load root UZIP image into RAM. With some easy trimming you
can bring base system down to 30MB or so compressed. Yes, bit of delay to
load, but the kernel alone is around 10MB compressed, so it's not an order
of magnitude increase. Then it runs from the RAM completely, so you are
immune to any disconnects or stalls. If your kvm disconnects in the middle
of the session, you just re-connect and continue.

UZPNAME here is the root UFS compressed with mkuzip. You would just put it
into your ISO as file somewhere and use:

  echo 'image_load="YES"' >> ${CDIR}/boot/loader.conf
  echo "image_name=\"/${UZPNAME}\"" >> ${CDIR}/boot/loader.conf
  echo 'image_type="md_image"' >> ${CDIR}/boot/loader.conf

Also we set mountftom (requires GEOM_LABEL):

  echo vfs.root.mountfrom=\"ufs:ufs/${MD_LABEL}\" >>


On Tue, Jul 12, 2016 at 9:31 AM, Allan Jude <> wrote:

> On 2016-07-12 11:15, Ngie Cooper (yaneurabeya) wrote:
> >
> >> On Jul 12, 2016, at 06:20, Miroslav Lachman <> wrote:
> >>
> >> Paweł Tyll wrote on 07/12/2016 01:22:
> >>
> >>> Those 3 things should shave off about 130MB of the 173MB needed to fit
> >>> on  80-min CD-R. But... why this abstract number anyway? Why not 650MB
> >>> CD-R?  Why  not  overburnable  800MB  90-min CD-R or even 870MB 99-min
> >>> CD-R? :)
> >>
> >> It is not only about the target media size. The size matters when you
> need to boot some recovery media from you desktop on remote server via KVM.
> >>
> >> And there is one thing I don't understand - why is the bootonly so
> large? I remember days when this fits to 50MB and now it is almost 235MB
> which renders it almost useless. For recoveries and remote installs I
> always use mfsbsd images (about 45MB).
> >
> > I wholeheartedly agree.
> >
> > It sucks having to transfer more than 50 MB over our work link across a
> few thousand miles with IPMI remote KVM redirection.
> >
> > Thanks,
> > -Ngie
> >
> With IPMI virtual media, you usually do not transfer the entire image,
> only read the blocks used by files that you load. Some IPMI clients
> provide stats, usually only about 40mb is read from the bootonly cd.
> More if you do things like invoke an editor to write a custom /etc/fstab
> etc.
> --
> Allan Jude
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