I fianlly have vmware2 working on my current box, but I have noticed a
couple things in my log, and I wanted to ask about them.  Here's a little
bit at the end:

sio1: 3 more silo overflows (total 1268)
/dev/vmmon: Vmx86_DestroyVM: unlocked pages: 359971, unlocked dirty 
  pages: 217740

I guess I can understand the large number of silo overflows.  I noticed
that I can't seem to get any mails when I have vmware working, and I wish
that wasn't so.  The part that really worries me, tho, is the virtual
memory warning.  I was doing a lot of Windows software installation (which
dragged on *really* slowly), but is there anything to be worried about in
that warning above?

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