Here is an item that was mentioned sometime ago on the mailing list,
-CURRENT runs just fine under VMWare Workstation 3.0 (on Win2K
Professional) once this patch is made:

Glenn G.


Someone mentioned on a list somewhere that vmware takes forever to
emulate the cmpxchg instruction, and that using the I386_CPU version
of atomic_cmpset_int() helps a lot. I noticed a major vmware slowdown
with -current sometime in September, so I tried avoiding the
cmpxchg's and things got much faster. Below is the patch I use
(using this outside vmware on SMP hardware is a bad idea :-).


Index: atomic.h
RCS file: /dump/FreeBSD-CVS/src/sys/i386/include/atomic.h,v
retrieving revision 1.21
diff -u -r1.21 atomic.h
--- atomic.h    2001/10/08 20:58:24     1.21
+++ atomic.h    2001/10/09 18:35:25
@@ -111,7 +111,7 @@
  * Returns 0 on failure, non-zero on success
-#if defined(I386_CPU)
+#if defined(I386_CPU) || 1
 static __inline int
 atomic_cmpset_int(volatile u_int *dst, u_int exp, u_int src)

At 12:56 AM 2/1/2002 +1100, Logan weaponx wrote:
>   I was wondering if there are any tricks required to make freebsd 
>5.0-current work under vmware 3.0 (Windows XP host). When I try and boot 
>(from the 20020127 snapshot) it fails to boot. It hangs at different stages 
>in the boot each time, but the furthest it has ever gotten is trying to load 
>/sbin/init. I can boot from kern.flp and then use my root partition, but 
>things dont load correctly (network, filesystems, etc). I looked through the 
>archives and noted a few posts regarding different vmware issues and a 

Glenn Gombert

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