> ​Wayland relies on kqueue which is not implemented in drm's 3.8 or 4.6
 > branches. I'm working on this now for drm-next-4.6 and it is almost
 > complete.
 > I will probably implement it also in the 3.8 ​branch to be able to run
 > Wayland on both to compare and find bugs in linuxkpi more easily. Will
 > share patch for 3.8 branch when done.

drm-next has working kevent support following shortly after the drm-v4.7 tag. 
Your kqfilter implementation would be ideal for 3.8 but is not suitable for 
drm-next as it substantially modifies vendor code. I think your implementation 
does in fact work or is very close. Your apparent problem stemmed from an index 
overwrite in your modified kmscube.c test case.

A working kmscube.c can be found at:


With no arguments it will use select. If you pass -k it will use kevent.

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