On Sat, 10 Jun 2000, Matthew Thyer wrote:

>Are you using power management (presumably so you can poweroff your
>ATX system) ?
>You must not use APM with an SMP kernel currently.
>Remove the lines in your /etc/rc.conf that read:
>(Or change them to ="NO").
>Or you can update your sources because this problem has just been fixed
>(but there are suspend/resume problems with SMP still).

Been there, did that, suspend even works.  Waiting on lusers to logout so
I can reboot and try a new kernel, I think i might have been using some
console options it didnt like.  

>Adam wrote:
>> Hi, I don't really know where to go with this issue on my own anymore so
>> im tossing it to the list for suggestions.
>> I had a celeron running in a Abit BX6-2 system running -current approx a
>> month or 1.5 old. Today I moved the disks to a Abit BP6 Motherboard and
>> recompiled the kernel for smp and the other hardware changes I intended to
>> make.  Well, when I boot it up it would get down to approx "starting i386
>> whatever" and the boot would stop, the keyboard wouldnt type (although
>> numlock would work for x amount of time) and you couldnt drop into
>> ddb.  Sometimes it would stick in this braindead mode, sometimes if you
>> tried typing things to get it unstuck it would just reboot after a brief
>> total keyboard lockup.  No panic, just a reboot.  I booted singleuser and
>> cleaned up my rc.conf, disabling some noncritical things, and got the
>> system booting fine.  I have a usb logitech mouse by the way.  Later I
>> noticed no mouse cursor on my consoles even though I had moused running,
>> so I ran vidcontrol -m on.  WHAM.  I had found the culprit.  Okay so I
>> know what caused it and what not to run ;0 I took the opportunity to cvsup
>> and upgrade the whole system to -current as of today, and to my dismay it
>> still does the same thing.  I really wish I could drop into ddb when it
>> happens but it wont let me.  If serial might be a better option I could
>> probably dig out a null modem cable... Suggestions Please!
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