I dont recall exactly :( SC_NO_FONT_LOADING was one of them, I may have
commented one of the others in the old conf trying to fix it.  I have a
spare comp with a freebsd install I could play around with it on and see
if I can recreate it instead of goofing around with my server that had the
problem, fsck'ing 78 gigs is not pretty ;} (Yes I eventually stopped
mounting the big drives while testing but I still dont like torturing /
and /usr hehe)

On Sat, 10 Jun 2000, Kazutaka YOKOTA wrote:

>>Okay, answering my own question for the sake of the archive,  I believe it
>>was an on combination of some of the options   SC_something  that
>>vidcontrol -m on and my mouse and kernel didnt like.  I was using some to
>>save on kernel size and memory used but then decided to start using the
>>computer on the console again so I just commented all those SC feature
>>disabling out and all seems well. 
>Thank you for reporting.  Would you tell me which SC_XXX options
>you used to have in your kernel configuration file?

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