On 13.11.2016 12:23, O. Hartmann wrote:
>>>>> Great, thank you. I would first like to confirm that r307234 is indeed
>>>>> causing the crash - since it appears to be easy to trigger, that should
>>>>> be faster. If not, the core will help track down the real problem.  
>>>> Although I was under the impression the in-kernel-config option
>>>> makeoptions    DEBUG=-g
>>>> would make debugging symbols available, I'm proved wrong.  
>> Do you have option FLOWTABLE in your kernel config?
> Would you suggest to disable this feature in the kernel? Or does the feature, 
> by
> accident, influence the debugging ??


I never used FLOWTABLE, but as I know, when L2 caching was reintroduced
the kernel with enabled FLOWTABLE has started crashing almost
immediately. glebius@ added workaround in r300854 to prevent the panic.
Then we discussed with him that the change in in_pcb.c should be
reasonable. And he decided to revert the workaround. Now it seems
without r300854 FLOWTABLE isn't usable.

WBR, Andrey V. Elsukov

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