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> On 13.11.2016 12:23, O. Hartmann wrote:
> >>>>> Great, thank you. I would first like to confirm that r307234 is indeed
> >>>>> causing the crash - since it appears to be easy to trigger, that should
> >>>>> be faster. If not, the core will help track down the real problem.    
> >>>>
> >>>> Although I was under the impression the in-kernel-config option
> >>>>
> >>>> makeoptions    DEBUG=-g
> >>>>
> >>>> would make debugging symbols available, I'm proved wrong.    
> >>
> >> Do you have option FLOWTABLE in your kernel config?  
> > 
> > Would you suggest to disable this feature in the kernel? Or does the 
> > feature, by
> > accident, influence the debugging ??  
> Hi,
> I never used FLOWTABLE, but as I know, when L2 caching was reintroduced
> the kernel with enabled FLOWTABLE has started crashing almost
> immediately. glebius@ added workaround in r300854 to prevent the panic.
> Then we discussed with him that the change in in_pcb.c should be
> reasonable. And he decided to revert the workaround. Now it seems
> without r300854 FLOWTABLE isn't usable.

All right. At this very moment I compile a most recent world and kernel WITHOUT 
option FLOWTABLE. It takes a lot(!) of time to revert the whole system to the 
r307233 again (we figured out, that r307234 triggers the crashes so far).

The interesting thing to me is that the crash occured on all platforms/Intel 
I use and maintain immediately after r307233 and it lasted for at least r307884
(approx.), that was, when I reverted everything to r307157 (the point from 
which I
started non-crahsing). Now, I have several relatively modern systems (norebooks 
Haswell Mobile CPU, XEON Haswell Workstation and Skylake XEON Servers, AMD 
Jaguar based
PCEngines APU 2C4) with FLOWTABLE enabled and with most recent CURRENT - 
without a crash
in days under heavy load (network I/O) and poudriere builds - without issues. 
everything I have in my hands with IvyBridge (XEON, consumer grade CPUs) and 
lower (one
Intel Core2Duo 2-socket server) is crashing with CURRENT beyond r307233. Maybe 
I oversee
the different internal cash architectures and probably optimization problem.

Anyway, this just to repeat for the records ;-)

I'll give notice after my boxes have been compiled to most recent CURRENT with

Thanks and kinf regards,


O. Hartmann

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