> Given the way VMware works, I'd have nothing against making it a FICL
> words, except...
> ...VMware is a port. For some reason, I dislike the idea of having
> support targetted at exclusively one specific port. Though we have
> features added specifically to deal with certain ports, they were all
> more generic features.
I'm quite reluctant to add the ficl word myself. Ideally, we should not
need to know which platform we're running on, be it a dell, a gateway
or a software emulation like vmware. The problem is our inability to
have a single kernel to boot an UP and a SMP machine, once we've solved
this problem, I would remove this ficl word. I see this as a temporary
solution to a specific problem, I don't want to generalize this into
a larger issue. It is not the loader's job to detect the underlying
hardware configuration.


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