Peter Wemm wrote:
> > 2) Add the VMware detecting to FICL, as originally suggested.
> Why make #2 vmware specific?  Why not set $emulation to native,vmware,bochs,
> etc.  This is applicable to any platform that may have some sort of emulator.
> Putting it in an environment variable has the advantage of having it passed
> through to the kernel environment too, so you might be able to use it in
> /etc/rc* as well.

It wouldn't change the matter of having port-specific code on loader. It
is really irrelevant whether that code will be setting an environment
variable or returning flag/version. Forth code executed at run-time is
an extension of loader. It can call various flag-returning words and set
an environment variable accordingly. The only difference is that having
C code set the environment variable let us get away from using FICL,
but, then, the utility of it is _only_ passing it to the kernel
environment, as loader(8) without FICL can do very little based on the
content of an environment variable.

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