> Mike Smith wrote:
> > 
> > > ...VMware is a port. For some reason, I dislike the idea of having
> > > support targetted at exclusively one specific port. Though we have
> > > features added specifically to deal with certain ports, they were all
> > > more generic features.
> > 
> > It's not a port, it's a platform.  We probably want to add extra words to
> > detect other platform features, eg. i386, alpha, ia64, etc. but that
> > doesn't invalidate the basic idea.
> Huh... duh! Of course!
> In this case, I object to the way the word works. We *do* "detect" i386
> and alpha. The code ought to do something similar to what the i386 and
> alpha words do.

That would make sense.  Note that 'vmware' is a subset of 'i386' for 
whatever that's worth.

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