FYI, an intrusive commit has been done that requires careful attention. If
you ignore this or mess it up, it can burn your house down, shoot your dog,
close your bank accounts, report you to the IRS, or maybe even something

An old version 500001 config(8) will (I think) generate a buildable config.
If you ignore the dire warnings and manage to get a kernel built somehow,
you will have a less than fulfilling experience.   Most likely you just will
not be able to type anything as your console would be dead as the atkbd
controller will have failed to probe.

In a nutshell, what you need to do is:

# update /usr/sbin/config
cd src/usr.sbin/config; make cleandir obj depend && make all install

# update /boot/loader.conf
cd src/sys/boot; make obj depend all install

# update your kernel config files
cd src/sys/i386/conf
perl gethints.pl < YOURKERNEL > /boot/device.hints
change *ALL*  "device foo0 at isa? port blah etc" to "device foo" - see
  GENERIC for examples.  All the 'at ? port ?' stuff is handled by
  the new /boot/device.hints
See GENERIC - if you use a static limited device (eg: fe, aha, le, etc)
where GENERIC has 'device le 1' *and* you had more than one device
(eg: device le0 at ..., device le1 at ...) then you will need to specify
more units.  (eg: "device le 2" in the example above.)

# I cannot stress this enough:  **SAVE A WORKING /kernel** 
cp /kernel /kernel.works

This is not quite yet complete, but is fully functional.  There may still
be some syntax changes to the hints stuff in the future, so pay attention.

With respect to LINT - we had a lot of documentation in the file that would
have been lost if the 'at isa? port ...' was removed, so I've copied it to
a file called 'NOTES' which is NOT something you can feed to config.  This
file is documentation only.  I chose to not keep both LINT and NOTES
as they would have gotten out of sync fairly quickly.  However, it is
still possible to generate a buildable test-coverage LINT.
cd src/sys/i386/conf; make LINT; config LINT
LINT will be generated from the NOTES file.

Hopefully I have not forgotten anything. I had to make minor tweaks after
I generated and uploaded the patches.  I have not tested it as well on
the Alpha as I have on the i386.

------- Forwarded Message

Date:    Tue, 13 Jun 2000 15:28:50 -0700
From:    Peter Wemm <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Subject: cvs commit: src/usr.sbin/config Makefile config.h config.y ...

peter       2000/06/13 15:28:50 PDT

  Modified files:
    usr.sbin/config      Makefile config.h config.y configvers.h 
                         lang.l main.c mkheaders.c mkmakefile.c 
    sys/alpha/conf       GENERIC SIMOS 
    sys/boot/forth       loader.conf 
    sys/conf             Makefile.alpha Makefile.i386 
                         Makefile.pc98 files.alpha files.i386 
    sys/i386/conf        GENERIC NEWCARD NOTES 
    sys/i386/isa         if_cx.c 
    sys/i4b/driver       i4b_isppp.c 
    sys/i4b/tina-dd      i4b_tina_dd.c 
    sys/kern             subr_bus.c 
    sys/pc98/conf        GENERIC 
    sys/pc98/pc98        wd.c 
  Added files:
    sys/alpha/conf       GENERIC.hints gethints.pl 
    sys/i386/conf        GENERIC.hints Makefile NEWCARD.hints 
                         gethints.pl makeLINT.pl 
    sys/pc98/conf        GENERIC.hints gethints.pl 
  Removed files:
    usr.sbin/config      mkioconf.c 
    sys/i386/conf        LINT 
  Borrow phk's axe and apply the next stage of config(8)'s evolution.
  Use Warner Losh's "hint" driver to decode ascii strings to fill the
  resource table at boot time.
  config(8) no longer generates an ioconf.c table - ie: the configuration
  no longer has to be compiled into the kernel.  You can reconfigure your
  isa devices with the likes of this at loader(8) time:
    set hint.ed.0.port=0x320
  userconfig will be rewritten to use this style interface one day and will
  move to /boot/userconfig.4th or something like that.
  It is still possible to statically compile in a set of hints into a kernel
  if you do not wish to use loader(8).  See the "hints" directive in GENERIC
  as an example.
  All device wiring has been moved out of config(8).  There is a set of
  helper scripts (see i386/conf/gethints.pl, and the same for alpha and pc98)
  that extract the 'at isa? port foo irq bar' from the old files and produces
  a hints file.  If you install this file as /boot/device.hints (and update
  /boot/defaults/loader.conf - You can do a build/install in sys/boot) then
  loader will load it automatically for you.  You can also compile in the
  hints directly with:  hints "device.hints"  as well.
  There are a few things that I'm not too happy with yet.  Under this scheme,
  things like LINT would no longer be useful as "documentation" of settings.
  I have renamed this file to 'NOTES' and stored the example hints strings
  in it.  However... this is not something that config(8) understands, so
  there is a script that extracts the build-specific data from the
  documentation file (NOTES) to produce a LINT that can be config'ed and
  built.  A stack of man4 pages will need updating. :-/
  Also, since there is no longer a difference between 'device' and
  'pseudo-device' I collapsed the two together, and the resulting 'device'
  takes a 'number of units' for devices that still have it statically
  allocated.  eg:  'device fe 4' will compile the fe driver with NFE set
  to 4.  You can then set hints for 4 units (0 - 3).  Also note that
  'device fe0' will be interpreted as "zero units of 'fe'" which would be
  bad, so there is a config warning for this.  This is only needed for
  old drivers that still have static limits on numbers of units.
  All the statically limited drivers that I could find were marked.
  Please exercise EXTREME CAUTION when transitioning!
  Moral support by: phk, msmith, dfr, asmodai, imp, and others
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.27      +2 -2      src/usr.sbin/config/Makefile
  1.37      +14 -29    src/usr.sbin/config/config.h
  1.43      +21 -230   src/usr.sbin/config/config.y
  1.21      +2 -2      src/usr.sbin/config/configvers.h
  1.28      +10 -36    src/usr.sbin/config/lang.l
  1.39      +17 -23    src/usr.sbin/config/main.c
  1.16      +20 -42    src/usr.sbin/config/mkheaders.c
  1.53      +103 -68   src/usr.sbin/config/mkmakefile.c
  1.19      +11 -15    src/usr.sbin/config/mkoptions.c
  1.81      +24 -24    src/sys/alpha/conf/GENERIC
  1.12      +8 -8      src/sys/alpha/conf/SIMOS
  1.27      +2 -2      src/sys/boot/forth/loader.conf
  1.61      +8 -8      src/sys/conf/Makefile.alpha
  1.191     +8 -8      src/sys/conf/Makefile.i386
  1.92      +8 -8      src/sys/conf/Makefile.pc98
  1.52      +1 -2      src/sys/conf/files.alpha
  1.322     +1 -2      src/sys/conf/files.i386
  1.155     +1 -3      src/sys/conf/files.pc98
  1.260     +40 -46    src/sys/i386/conf/GENERIC
  1.27      +41 -43    src/sys/i386/conf/NEWCARD
  1.783     +404 -271  src/sys/i386/conf/NOTES
  1.34      +1 -5      src/sys/i386/isa/if_cx.c
  1.8       +1 -4      src/sys/i4b/driver/i4b_isppp.c
  1.7       +1 -5      src/sys/i4b/tina-dd/i4b_tina_dd.c
  1.68      +98 -63    src/sys/kern/subr_bus.c
  1.142     +122 -68   src/sys/pc98/conf/GENERIC
  1.113     +3 -6      src/sys/pc98/pc98/wd.c

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