Hi Roberto, 
Thanks for sending me your memmap and this is a temporary workaround
patch for you:

I put the memmap info here for people who're interested:

We can notice there is a 4MB BootServicesCode range at [12MB, 16MB) .
loader.efi just writes into this range by force -- this is unsafe anyway!

To fix this correctly & thoroughly, IMO we need a relocatable kernel, but
that would require a lot of complicated long term work:

For now, I suggest we should only apply the idea "reduce the size of the
staging area if necessary" to VM running on Hyper-V, we should restore the
old behavior on physical machines since that has been working for people
for a long period of time, though it's  potentially unsafe.

I think in the loader we can use CPUID to tell if we're running on Hyper-V or 

-- Dexuan

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> Hmm, Alex did report 314891 worked.
> Can you please post the full boot log of the loader?
> Especially, when you see the “OK” prompt, can you please run the “memmap”
> command like this link ...
> You can take a photo of the screen and send it to me, if it’s too big.
> Thanks,
> -- Dexuan
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