On 09.04.2017 19:31, Nilton José Rizzo wrote:
>    try this
>         ls [a-b,k-m]
>    in sh using the locale setting to pt_BR.UTF-8
>      it's not work

For the set below I got on -current
a       A       b       k       K       l       m
with any non-C locale which is right.

> # ls
> a       b       d       f       j       m       p       t       x
> A       B       D       g       k       M       q       u       y
> aa      c       e       h       K       n       r       v       z
> Aa      C       E       i       l       o       s       w       Z

>     It's not show the correct list, this commant MUST BE SHOW like a C
> locale

Must not, according to CLDR linguists.

>    Note, I know that Unicode have some differents, but when tha basic
> list replacement
> and other basic default behavior must be preserved.

No, Unicode is the same here, all sorting done as described by CLDR rules.

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