On 2017-04-17 13:59, Jan Kokemüller wrote:
Hi Vladimir,
this patch works great for me!

I am not using xf86-input-mouse or xf86-input-keyboard.
You stepped on minefield. xf86-input-keyboard does things that should
be done by xorg-server like terminal blanking, disabling keybuffering
and so on. I had seen (and heard) some funny effects before copied
required ~20 lines of code from xf86-input-keyboard to xorg-server.

 - TrackPoint scrolling holding the middle button
Thanks for report. I was not able to test trackpoint due to lack of hardware.

The only thing that doesn't work out of the box is the mouse pointer
on the VT console. It wouldn't be hard though to write a small tool
that uses libinput to translate Evdev events into CONS_MOUSECTL ioctls
needed for the VT pointer.
Just run moused on /dev/psm0. Unlike usermode drivers like xf86-input-synaptics in psm mode, in-kernel driver keeps psm0 device unbusied in sysmouse mode.

Some comments:
 - PS2_MOUSE_SYNAPTICS_PRODUCT should be 0x0007, not 0x0009
 - The TrackPoint should be added with product id 0x000A as on Linux
and with the INPUT_PROP_POINTING_STICK Evdev property set
 - I think it would be better if the same Evdev device names were
exposed as on Linux (for example "SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad"). Many
scripts using xinput to change device properties depend on the Linux
device names.

I've added a patch and comments to https://reviews.freebsd.org/D10265 .
Patch looks good to me. I will merge it after small refactoring.

Thank you!

Vladimir Kondratyev
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