Thomas Mueller <> wrote:

> I tried building ports, starting with ports-mgmt/synth, on HEAD
> (12-current) and ran into difficulties with syntax error in
> .
> With PORTSDIR on another partition, mounted as /BETA1, I got these
> errors, but not when I null-mounted /BETA1/usr/ports as /usr/ports.
> I shouldn't have to resort to this kludge, didn't have to in the
> recent past.

The default value for MAKESYSPATH is ".../share/mk:/usr/share/mk" which
is geared to building src/, there was some to and fro over that value
when we first started using bmake, but that's what we settled on.

Presumably /BETA1/usr/share/mk exists?
If so, it will be found via .../share/mk if you start somewhere under

> This bug shows in both 11.0-STABLE and 12.0-CURRENT.

Not a bug - working as intended, which doesn't mean it is doing what you

You can of course set MAKESYSPATH as you wish, but of course
/usr/share/mk would not be correct for building src/
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