Thomas Mueller <> wrote:
> When I did those last examples, that last line was
> env MAKESYSPATH=/usr/share/mk make all-depends-list

ok, that makes sense.

> > > and then it seems to work correctly with no syntax error in
> > > /BETA1/usr/share/mk/
> >
> > > Maybe I need to file a bug.
> > For what?
> Bug occurs when building or configuring ports, syntax error in 
> /BETA1/usr/share/mk/  line 52

This is of course specific to your particular arrangement
if you'd mounted /BETA1/usr/ports on /usr/ports, it would function as
you wish, or if /BETA1/usr/share/mk happend to match /usr/share/mk
it would work fine.

So, anoying in this case, but not a bug.

> I don't know about other situations such as building doc.
> I could avoid this error either by setting (setenv or export, depending on 
> shell) MAKESYSPATH or
> by null-mounting /BETA1/usr/ports at /usr/ports .

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