>From Simon J. Gerraty:

 >> Bug occurs when building or configuring ports, syntax error in
 >> /BETA1/usr/share/mk/bsd.compiler.mk  line 52

 >This is of course specific to your particular arrangement
 >if you'd mounted /BETA1/usr/ports on /usr/ports, it would function as
 >you wish, or if /BETA1/usr/share/mk happend to match /usr/share/mk
 >it would work fine.

 >So, anoying in this case, but not a bug.
 >> I don't know about other situations such as building doc.

 >> I could avoid this error either by setting (setenv or export, depending on 
 >> shell) MAKESYSPATH or
 >> by null-mounting /BETA1/usr/ports at /usr/ports .


Just because I found a workaround does not mean it is not a bug.

If I were setting up a computer or hard disk from the beginning, I would put 
ports tree, src tree(s) and doc trees on a separate partition with no FreeBSD 

NetBSD pkgsrc and src trees could be installed on same or another partition.

That would facilitate backing up the entire installation (FreeBSD or NetBSD) 
without backing up the src and other trees, which could be redownloaded by cvs, 
svn or git, as the case might be.

I guess then I would need to set MAKESYSPATH in FreeBSD ports, or null-mount 
PORTSDIR at /usr/ports.

If you look at github.com/FreeBSD, you see some modified ports trees that might 
be installed at, for instance


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