imp> In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Mitsuru IWASAKI writes:
imp> : Hi, here is the latest report on our ACPI project's progress.
imp> As I told you on the Train in Tokyo:  Cool!  Way Cool!  ACPI should
imp> enable us to properly put the chipsets in laptops to sleep and then
imp> wake them up again.  Right now pccard insert/removal can be missed
imp> when you put a laptop to sleep...

Yes, many of today's laptop BIOS are expecting that OS shouldn handle
this kind of things by executing the AML.  Good news, recently I wrote
accessing ioport stuff (roughly :-) and experimental code for
executing _PTS & _WAK method in kernel space.  On P2B based system, it
seems working fine :-)
Next step is implement accessing other bus spaces, physical memory
will be the target (and PCI config, SMBus...).  Can anybody help us on this?

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