> In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Mitsuru IWASAKI writes:
> : Maybe I'm wrong because of lack of my understanding on crush dump and
> : loader.  Please help us :-)
> I think that you might be able to do this.  The real tricky part maybe
> saving hardware RAM that the drivers expect to be there when you
> wakeup.  I thinking of video ram and the X server's font cache, to
> name one example.

S4 requires the OS to reinitialise peripherals.  Some comments I've seen 
from the Linux folks suggest that we'll have to save and restore the PCI 
configuration space as well.

Basically, resume from S4 is not something that is going to be very easy 
for us to implement.  It'll require every S4-OK driver to re-initialise 
in the resume method.  (Note that we will also need to add suspend-to and 
resume-from arguments to the relevant driver methods.)

We also have a problem in that we'll need a separate suspend file for 
system memory, since we can't just up and use swap (which may already be 

I would be inclined to start with some of the easier states first. 8)
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