In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Mike Smith writes:
: Hmm, this has me thinking again about suspend/resume.  In the current 
: context, can we expect a suspend veto from some function to actually 
: DTRT? (ie. drivers that have been suspended get a resume call).

If the BIOS allows us to do that, yes.  I'm fairly sure that doug did
the right thing here.  The only issue that I ever ran into was that
the APM bios shut the machine down anyway, even when we tried to tell
it not to.  Funny thing about batteries, or something like that:-)

: Or should we make two passes over the suspend method?  One with "
: intention to suspend at this level", the second to actually perform the 
: suspension once the first has been accepted?

No comment.

: This will allow non-ACPI-represented drivers to participate in 
: determining which suspend level(s) can actually be supported by the 
: hardware...

That's true.


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