On Tue, 20 Jun 2000, Josef Karthauser wrote:

> On Mon, Jun 19, 2000 at 05:40:30PM -0700, Mike Smith wrote:
> > 
> > The real issue here is persistent system state across the S4 suspend; ie.
> > leaving applications open, etc.  IMO this isn't really something worth a 
> > lot of effort to us, and it has a lot of additional complications for a 
> > "server-class" operating system in that you have to worry about network 
> > connections from other systems, not just _to_ other systems.
> > 
> That said TCP/IP is very resilient :).  I tried suspending to disk
> my laptop, unplugging the batteries and ether card, taking it to another
> part of the building and the firing it up.
> Pccardd saw the ethernet card, Dhclient saw the dhcp server and got
> my ip address back, and my pre-existing remote terminal sessions
> continued functioning :) Excellent.
> IMO if the machine is a server and you want to suspend it, who cares
> about the clients at the other end?  If you did you wouldn't suspend
> it in the first place :)

You obviously haven't considered the ability to be able to near hot-swap
motherboard and cpu - or even RAM - in this way. 

> Joe


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