On Wed, 21 Jun 2000, Mark Murray wrote:

> >     Has anyone given any thought to what it would take to create an 
> > open source version of something similar to perforce?  ;-)
> Clearly you have. :-). We await your submissions with baited breath...

I have mixed feelings about that.  The Perforce people have been willing
for FreeBSD to use it free.  They're really nice about that, it seems more
than a bit discourteous to try to copy it.  If you'd asked to duplicate
MSWord, they're a unethical monopolist, I wouldn't have any scruples
attacking them, but I don't like attacking folks who've been displaying
towards free software such a friendly attitude.

Makes me (and I sure support free software!) feel like a predator when you
go after folks who've been doing good.

I think, if you want it fixed, you should go fix cvs.

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