On 05.11.17 21:31, Gerald Pfeifer wrote:
On Sun, 5 Nov 2017, Andreas Tobler wrote:
Pushed on all active branches, 8/7/6.

Saw that, thank you.  Very well done, Andreas!

I should have gcc8-devel updated in the next 24 hours, gcc7-devel
and gcc6-devel over the week as new snapshots are released.

Cool thx!

If you could do the gcc* branches, yes please.

Once the respective -devel ports are updated, I'll take care of
the corresponding stable ports.

Patch available if you want. (applicable to all gcc* ports, 5-8)

I got one request to have the patch also in gcc5

Let's see.  First I want to address the five newer ports, then
possibly this one (though gcc5 is hardly used).

Sure, but I can understand comment #13 of the pr mentioned. Even if hardly used, consistency is always good :)

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