Rick Macklem [rmack...@uoguelph.ca] wrote:
> Make sure mountd is running with the "-S" option on the nfs server. If not,
> any mount operation done on the NFS server will result in EACCES failures
> while /etc/exports is being reloaded.
> (If it is running with "-S" I don't know why it would fail?)
> ps: "-S" should be the default now...
My /etc/exports file is empty.  I have set the sharenfs property to
'YES" on the /usr/obj and /usr/src data sets.  The ZFS filesystem
handles NFS shares internally from the documenation.  In any event,
this is how my system has successfuly been doing NFS for nearly 2
years without any issues.  A client should be able to read and not
write to both /usr/src and /usr/obj to be able to installworld and
installkernel and have all mergemaster writes confined to a local

My /etc/rc.conf doesn't have any flags for mountd.
It is only a "YES" to enable.


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