At 5:00 PM -0400 2000/6/21, Dan Papasian wrote:

>  Eivind Elkund was talking about doing something like
>  this.  He had a pretty nice document about it,
>  too.  If I recall, the name was "OVCS: Open Version Control System"

        Hmm.  So far, Google hasn't been particularly useful in trying to 
track this stuff down.  The first page that came up was 
<>, which is for the "Open Source 
Version Control Software" page (i.e., good ole' CVS itself), and the 
next search turned up <>, which is the page for 
"Otselic Valley Central School".

        Doing a bit more digging, I did finally manage to find 
<>, and 
although it has his name and the magic "ocvs" characters, I don't 
think this is quite what I'm looking for, either.

        So far, the most useful page I've found on this topic is 
<>, but all it does is mention:

                Notes: I'm a FreeBSD developer, presently on sabbatical.
                For my sabbatical, I'm working on a new version control
                system, aimed at distributed development.

        Does anyone have any real information or useful pointers on 
exactly what he's working on right now, and what the current state of 
that project is?  Thanks!

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