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>Whilst the solution to this appears obvious (if you can't allocate a
>block, but there are free blocks on the to-be-commited list, wait for
>free space to become available), actually implementing it is quite
>difficult if you want to avoid deadlocks.  Kirk has previously
>recommended that softupdates not be enabled on a filesystem unless it
>has sufficient free space to absorb about 1 minute's writes.

yup, this one is tricky, I tried to fix it by sleeping on the
potential of allocating a block, but even that isn't enough,
and had undesirable consequences.

>A number of people have also claimed that softupdates interacts with
>Vinum (particularly RAID-5) in undesirable ways.  I believe that at
>least some of this was a misunderstanding of the way softupdates
>handles write re-ordering (or at least the write semantics that
>softupdates expects).

This one was a misunderstanding, in fact vinum/raid5 works more
reliably with softupdates than without I belive.

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