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>Because fsck is supposed to be able to do things more intelligently when it
>knows the *previous* mount state, not the current state.  ie: if a disk was
>last mounted in softupdates mode, fsck is supposed to do stuff differently
>(possibly doing as little as a superblock cleanup and deferring the
>lost-space recovery until much later).
>For the NetBSD version to work, what needs to happen is that the -osoftdep
>flag needs to be propagated to the superblock so that after reboot, fsck
>knows what to do.  When it is next mounted, then update it to the new state.

Right, but if mounting with -osoftdep, does what a "tunefs -n enable"
does (and vice versa) fsck will have that knowledge and the tunefs
step would be un-needed.

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