On Sat, Jun 24, 2000, Kirk McKusick wrote:


>       Kirk, do you still want to keep things that way ?
>       Adrian
> Yes, I do want it kept as a yunefs option.


> Your above proposal would work, though that is not how NetBSD
> implemented it. I feel that it is a lot of extra mechanism for very
> little gain. Administrators generally make a one-time decision to
> run soft updates on a filesystem. It is not the sort of thing that
> they want to change on a regular basis. It is possible to run tunefs
> on a filesystem that is mounted read-only, so it no more difficult
> to use tunefs than it is to make it a mount-time option (i.e., they
> still have to down-grade to read-only, set the option, then upgrade).
> Finally, I expect that soft updates will eventually just be defaulted
> to `on' when a filesystem is built, and in a few rare instances an
> administrator will want to turn it off. I do not want to have an
> option that needs to be added to nearly every fstab entry to get
> the default behavior. Plus it is just one more bit of trivia that
> new system administrators need to learn to make their systems run
> well. The more of those details that need not be learned because
> they just do the right thing, the better.

There we go. If someone has a better argument against this, feel free
to post it to the list. I'm calling this one dead.

Thanks, Kirk.


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