In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Nik Clayton writes:
: The .h file(s) should be generated from this XML config file, or some other
: mechanism needs to be put in place to prevent a (hardware) module from 
: working if there isn't a functional entry for it in this XML config file.
: We've successfully demonstrated that hardware authors don't keep things
: like LINT up to date.  We've also successfully demonstrated that getting
: volunteers to scan the mailing lists and keep HARDWARE.TXT and similar
: up to date is equally futile.
: It's time to turn the tables.

I'd violently oppose this.  I'd rather see the XML file generated from 
the .h files that we already use to build the system with.  You would
be making it just as hard to keep things up to date with little gain
from the programmer's point of view.  You need to make it easier for
the programmer to keep things up to date rather than harder.

: I don't know enough about the -current build environment to say precisely
: how this could be done (yet).  But God help you all if I scrape together
: sufficient resources to put together a box for -current.
: In the meantime, I'd appreciate suggestions as to how you (or anyone else)
: would go about abstracting some of the core information that a driver needs
: out of a source file.

While I hate the idea, I'd love to see what you'd come up with.


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