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> That being the case, it wouldn't be too hard to do
>     <commant lang="ja_JP.EUCjp">...</comment>
>     <comment lang="es_ES.ISO_8859-1">...</comment>
> and so on, would it?

 If so, translated comment field can be obsolete while the author's
 one is always up-to-date.  The comment field is edited by
 the original author, but translators are responsible for the others.
 Translation is not always done immediately.  So, I think
 a way is needed to indicate whether the translation is old or not.

> Or does loading Japanese text in to a non-Japanese aware editor scramble
> the text?

 Probably it is not a big problem for editors, but other tools are OK?
 A file including characters in various encodings may confuse them.

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