In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> "Rodney W. Grimes" writes:
: Just the argument to the cd has changed, the command sequence is
: still:
: cd blah
: make depend && make && make install.
: cd blah is currently
: cd ../../compile/${KERNNAME}
: it becomes
: cd /usr/obj/`pwd`/${KERNNAME}
: config(8) will need to produce a better makefile using `pwd` to
: figure out the path to the kernel sources.  BDE probably has lots
: of tips about how to do this.

My take on this is that it would make it slightly harder to develop
kernel stuff in the tree.  I don't like that prospect, and I think
this would impose some hardship on third parties that are using
FreeBSD.  If it could be turned off, that would be ideal.  It ties the
userland and kernel together too tightly, imho.

For the average buildworld, it might not be bad, however.


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