> I feel masochistic at the moment, so here's a suggestion.  Feel free
> to rip it all up to pieces, ya'll.  And to start off: I like green
> bikesheds.  (I.e. let's settle on something sensible and not get

I prefer blue ones :-)

> Ok (/me dons the asbestos suit, climbs into the concrete room and locks
> the door.)  Here is my proposal.  It attempts to follow these loose guidelines:

Let me go hunting for flame thrower and concrete saw :-)

> - MD code under sys/${MACHINE_ARCH}
> - device drivers (including bus's such as cam and usb) under sys/dev

Perhaps, sys/bus and sys/dev, instead of lumping it all into one

> - networking under net/
That one is going to be a really really hard one over the longrun,
it is going to make the source code incompatible with every other
BSD based source tree requireing path mangling anytime something
is brought in from some place else.  Especially look at what
this would do to the /usr/include/net* hierarchy and how that
effects userland code.  Take a look at how many man pages this
would impact (to get an idea do ``cd /usr/share/man/man3;
zgrep netinet *''.)

> sys/
>   net/                  - move existing contents to net/base or something similar
>    atm/                 - formerly sys/netatm
>    natm/                - formerly sys/netatm
Ooopsss... natm/ should go away, you already have a better place for that :-)

>    ncp/                 - formerly sys/netncp
>    ns/                  - formerly sus/netns
We have no sus directory :-)

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