On Sun, 2 Jul 2000, Chris Costello wrote:

> On Sunday, July 02, 2000, Rodney W. Grimes wrote:
> > Actually the whole src/sys/compile thing should go away, it is
> > one of the last things that has to be dealt with for a totally
> > read-only mounted /usr/src.  IMHO it should be moved to /usr/obj,
> > and /usr/obj should, if it hasn't already, be enhanced to include
> > a ${MACHINE_ARCH} component.
>    It does already, but how do you propose the user build and
> install the kernel?  ``cd /usr/obj ...'' is inconsistent with any
> current procedures.

`cd /sys/${MACHINE}/conf; make FOO' should make configuration FOO.
(For the current build scheme to work, there would have to be a
subdirectory of /sys/${MACHINE}/conf for each configuration file.
I don't like the tiny directories required for this.)

${MACHINE_ARCH} would be wrong here.  pc98 != i386.


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