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 |> Background: Apparently a FreeBSD developer, a viking looking fellow,  
 |> has been hiding a secret: just as many of his predecessors in the
 |> Danish cities during WWII (collaborators); He has a disdain for "the
 |> jews" collectively.
 |Who cares!?

I want to point out one thing.  No, two.  One is that i concur
with all left hand side arguments of PHKs blog post that was
linked a 100 percent.  But that is my personal opinion.

The second is, and i think this is important, because over the
centuries it occasionally is forgotten by spiritless people like
the Nazis and then, short, "leads to massacres", small or
otherwise overwhelming, etc., and, furthermore, in difference to
the time before the first world war there was a tremendous amount
of spirit and art in the heaven under which we live, meaning that
topics were on the table, newspapers, universities, club talks
etc.  The "Jew" as in anti-semitism has never been anything else
than an allegory of bad characteristics present in each and every
homo sapiens sapiens (that cheetah thing).

It is an allegory.  Back in the day people like Richard Wagner
pointed their finger onto the yews and often in a way that
"everybody" knew that three fingers would point back, so even more
simple minded people would understand it is an allegory, and the
brain f.....s would also have something to talk about.  Of course
it is true when Carl Dahlhaus says that "real Jews" had to stand
the consequences ([Wagner] "macht es dem Judentum – der Allegorie,
für die dann die realen Juden einstehen müssen"), but during the
time of Wagner no Jew had to suffer in Germany.  That was over
half a century later, and Mr.  Dahlhaus lived even later than
But guess what the wonderful Daniel Barenboim reaped when he
and his orchestre started playing a Wagner piece in Israel?
Fanatic old-style jews started screaming and other terror.

Todays standards are mindless and dumb.  They guzzle life on
earth.  There is no Richard Wagner.  People are as wise and
intelligent as back then, they penetrated the physical, chemical,
biological essence of life intellectually even further than back
then, but they lost soul and spirit just as much, or even more.
No one dares to cross any line, while at the same time guzzling
life on earth.  That is pathological, that is delirious.
In short.  I am an antisemitist.  But this has nothing to do with
real Jews.  Despite that, the situation in Israel is
a catastrophe, and in Jemen, but let's just not talk about it.
Will ya?

|Der Kragenbaer,                The moon bear,
|der holt sich munter           he cheerfully and one by one
|einen nach dem anderen runter  wa.ks himself off
|(By Robert Gernhardt)
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