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Steffen Nurpmeso <stef...@sdaoden.eu> wrote:

>  |> Background: Apparently a FreeBSD developer, a viking looking
> fellow, |> has been hiding a secret: just as many of his predecessors
> in the |> Danish cities during WWII (collaborators); He has a disdain
> for "the |> jews" collectively.
>  |>   
>  |
>  |Who cares!?
> I want to point out one thing.  No, two.  One is that i concur
> with all left hand side arguments of PHKs blog post that was
> linked a 100 percent.  But that is my personal opinion.

I mean that this is "tech" resource about freebsd.
Who and what doing outside source tree is irrelivant.

ossobser...@redchan.it - idiot.
CoC - stupid thing.

PS: sorry for offtopic.
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