On  5/07, Kris Kennaway wrote:

| I intend to MFC this stuff in 4 or 5 days assuming it doesn't present any
| problems, so this means we need everyone who is capable of doing so to
| stress the new code as much as possible. IMO we *really* need to get this
| into 4.1 despite the relatively short testing cycle, for the simple reason
| that the newer code is much more functional, and in particular supports
| the racoon IKE daemon for automatic management of IPSEFC security
| associations (i.e. manually-keyed SAs are no longer required) - this is
| already in ports. This is important for interoperability with other IPSEC
| implementations.

How hard would it be to use IPSEC with *.freebsd.org machines (at least
www.freebsd.org)? This would be a good test. Of course, IPSEC should not be
required ;)

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