Kris Kennaway wrote:

> In this vein, I'd like to suggest a new "hands-off" policy of not
> committing gratuitous changes to KAME-derived code, including manpage
> changes, unless:
> a) The commit is required for operation on FreeBSD (in which case it's not
> really gratuitous)

I'd like to commit this:

--- stf.4       2000/07/04 16:39:23     1.4
+++ stf.4       2000/07/11 13:44:47
@@ -36,7 +36,7 @@
 .Tn 6to4 tunnel interface
-.Cd "pseudo-device stf"
+.Cd "pseudo-device gif"

'pseudo-device stf' gives an error, stf lives in the gif driver, so this
is required really.  Is that ok?  Is there anyone at KAME I should send
this to as well?

> Sheldon Hearn will be taking care of passing the manpage diffs back to

ah... right.  I guess that answers my question. :-) Sheldon - you can
commit this yourself if you want, or shall I do it and you just take
care of passing it back to KAME?  It's releated to PR 19163 by the way.

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