> Brian Somers writes:
> > Archie, it seems people are having problems using PPPoE since your 
> > ng_ether changes.  Any suggestions ?
> Unfortunately I have limited email contact righ tnow.. but a couple
> of things come to mind..
> - Is is possible to get a tcpdump of before and after? One thing I
>   could imagine is that the new ng_ether may behave differently than
>   the old code with respect to overwriting the source Ethernet address
>   (the new code shouldn't unless the driver does). But I don't think
>   there should be any difference. 'tcpdump not ip' should tell.
> - Regarding the libnetgraph change, this supposedly fixed a bug,
>   so possibly the code in ppp(8) is relying on broken behavior?
>   Where is this code anyway, I don't see a pppoe.c in usr.sbin/ppp..
>   I can take a look.

The code's in ppp/ether.c.

I'll see if I can get time to figure out what's wrong, but I can't 
promise anything this week.  I'm too busy (we're having a FreeBSD 
mini-conference here in the UK at which I'm speaking...).

> -Archie
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