Julian Elischer writes:
> > > The code's in ppp/ether.c.
> > >
> > > I'll see if I can get time to figure out what's wrong, but I can't
> > > promise anything this week.  I'm too busy (we're having a FreeBSD
> > > mini-conference here in the UK at which I'm speaking...).
> > >
> > I already solved this one, the problem is that the source address is being 
>overwritten with 0's.
> > As a temporary hack, if you go into ng_pppoe.c, and replace the 0's with your 
>ethernet address, you'll be golden.
> Actually Archie left out code to add IN the source MAC address.
> so it wasn;t being overwritten, it was never being set....
> I just committed a fix.
> let me know the result

Thanks for the fix. However, this seems like the wrong fix to me.

I think the right fix would be for ppp(8) to set the source address,
rather than always forcing it in ng_ether.c... that way the "lower"
hook really is WYSIWYG and applications where other source addresses
may want to be used are possible.

I thought the semantics of writing to "lower" or "orphans" were to
be that the packet gets delivered out the link exactly "as-is",
unchanged. Having the correct source address should be optional.

Perhaps there could be a control message to set an "add source
address" bit. While we're at it, we could also use a control message
to get the unique Ethernet address, turn promiscuous mode on/off,
and add multicast addresses.

What do you guys think?


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