In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Robert 
Watson writes:
: On Wed, 5 Jul 2000, John Baldwin wrote:
: > The headers will always be installed in the right place in
: > /usr/include: Makefile's are editable.  As far as kernel
: > compiles, symlinks can be created in the work directory as
: > one possible solution.  For example,
: > sys/compile/i386/GENERIC/netinet -> ../../../../net/inet.
: > This would most likely result in netinet _not_ being split
: > up.
: As much as I'd love a complete cleanup of sys/, this cure seems to be
: worse than the problem. :-)  Take this as another vote to leave net/ as
: is, if only to keep the includes in kernel code in sync with includes in
: userland code :-).

The proposed change also breaks the ability to have /usr/include/* be
symbolic links to your real source tree.


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