On 05-Jul-00 Louis A. Mamakos wrote:
>> Here is my proposal, adjusted a little as per suggestions.  It attempts to
>> follow these loose guidelines:
> ...
>>   net/                  - move existing contents to net/base or something
>>                           similar
>>    atalk/               - formerly sys/netatalk
>>    atm/                 - formerly sys/netatm
>>    netgraph/            - formerly sys/netgraph
>>    ip/                  - IPv4, IPv6, and IPsec bits from sys/netinet{,6}
>>    tcp/                 - TCP                    "    "    "      "
>>    udp/                 - UDP                    "    "    "      "
>>    ipx/                 - formerly sys/netipx
>>    key/                 - formerly sys/netkey
>>    natm/                - formerly sys/netnatm
>>    ncp/                 - formerly sys/netncp
>>    ns/                  - formerly sus/netns
>> Notes:
>> - There has been one vote so far to ditch the whole net/ reorg, although
>>   other people have expressed support for it.
> Please take this as another vote to ditch the whole net/ reorg.  
> It's interesting that as this discussion is going on,the KAME folks are
> merging the new IPv6 and IPSEC code into -current and comment that our
> network code is much more different that the other BSD's.  I'd hate to
> see it diverge further unless there's a real compelling reason.

The KAME integration is a primary reason why I am becoming more
reluctant to reorganize net/, or possibly postpone it until that work
is done.  Another guideline that lines up with our existing code might
be to require all networking modules to use a directory matching
the regex 'net.*'.  I'm planning on doing this in stages anyway, and
net/ would probably be the last stage if it is done, but I need to
discuss this with Peter first. :)

> louie


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