This must pass through -arch before any implementation. Remember, not
every committer reads current.

John Baldwin wrote:
> sys/
>   ${MACHINE}/           - stay mostly the same, the directories under here
>                           mirror the sys/ directories.  E.g. MD bootstrap
>                           code would go in the boot/ subdir
>     boot/               - formerly sys/boot/${MACHINE}
>   boot/                 - just MI boot code now.  Depending on portability
>                           of ARC, possibly move boot/arc under
>                           sys/alpha/boot

Don't touch boot. Nothing in the bootstrap is used by the kernel, and
there's just a few kernel files included by the bootstrap (wrongly,
IMHO). It's made by buildworld instead of buildkernel. Ideally, it
should be taken out of sys/ altogether.

Daniel C. Sobral                        (8-DCS)

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