On 06-Jul-00 Warner Losh wrote:
> In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> John Baldwin writes:
>:     pccard/             - formerly sys/pccard
> Maintainers Veto.  Do not do this.  This sys/pccard will go away in
> time.  There will be a sys/dev/pccard when newcard comes in.  DO NOT
> MOVE sys/pccard.  It will make it impossible to have both OLDCARD and
> NEWCARD in the tree at the same time.  Leave it be as a bit of cruft
> that will be (and is being) replaced.
> Thank you for your understanding in this matter :-).

No problem.

>: - There has been one vote so far to ditch the whole net/ reorg, although
>:   other people have expressed support for it.
> Make that two votes.  It is a gratuitous change that will buy us only
> incompatibility with other systems.  Also, it will make installing
> header files into /usr/include/netinet much harder than it needs to
> be.  And these are the defined APIs that we can't break.  Please keep
> that in mind :-)

It's pretty much dead at this point.

>: - There have been a few votes for sys/bus instead of sys/dev for isa, eisa,
>:   pci, cam, usb, and friends.
> Don't care too much.  Will make compatibility harder with other
> systems, but not hugely so.

I'm going with sys/dev since that is where they are in both OpenBSD and

>: - The question has been raised as to whether or not splitting up netinet
>:   is feasible.  I'd like to hear back some more from people working with
>:   the code if splitting it up is difficult, and if it is, if having
>:   sys/net/inet containing all IP, TCP, UDP, etc. is a more workable option?
> No.  I don't think it is.

It's not relevant if it isn't going to be moved.

> Warner


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