On Thu, 13 Jul 2000, Stephen McKay wrote:

>>Guess it will show up if you measure latencies (or your application is
>>doing lots of RPCs). But as soon as there is a cheap 100baseT switch in
>>the path to the destination, there will be store-and-forward at work ;-)
>Does anyone here actually measure these latencies?  I know for a fact
>that nothing I've ever done would or could be affected by extra latencies
>that are as small as the ones we are discussing.  Does anybody at all
>depend on the start-transmitting-before-DMA-completed feature we are

I don't like the idea of removing that feature.  Perhaps it should be a
sysctl or ifconfig option, but it should definitely remain available.
Those minute latencies are critical to those of us who use MPI for
complex parallel calculations.

Brandon D. Valentine
bandix at looksharp.net  |  bandix at structbio.vanderbilt.edu
"Truth suffers from too much analysis." -- Ancient Fremen Saying

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