On Friday, 14th July 2000, Matthew Jacob wrote:

>> That theory is not correct, I have seen multiple Alpha machines reporting 
>> buffer underruns as well. No ATA disk in sight there..
>This has been a reported feature of the tulip chip and alphas (de driver
>usually) forever forever forever.

And there's no guarantee that there is just one cause.  If the dc driver
with BX and ZX chipsets never has an underrun, and the 2 VIA chipsets I've
tried always cause underruns, there might be something we can fix.  Even
if we never manage to fix it on Alphas.

>It's not a bug, per se, IMO.

In the i386 case, there's some sort of PCI bus starvation.  Maybe we can
fix it.  Maybe not.  We can at least try to categorise it.  Maybe it's
as simple as a BIOS option we should tweak.


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