> On Thu, 13 Jul 2000 19:19:48 +0200, Mark Murray wrote:
> > > 20000711:
> > >   If you used to get your crypto files from internat, AND you
> > >   used cvsup to get cvs' ,v files, then the latest changes
> > >   to the source collections will impact you.  You will need to
> > >   remove all the crypto files and start over.
> Warner, Mark says that this applies if you used CTM to get cvs's ,v
> files, not CTM.  Also, he clarified the last sentence for me, by saying
> that it's the crypto ,v files that need to be removed and not the
> checked out crypto files.

It applies if you overwrite your ,v files with the src-all ones, 
whether by CTM or cvsup.  ``cvs checkout'' will compare the checked 
out version with the repo version and think it has nothing to do, 

M src/crypto/whatever

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> Sheldon.

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