Warner> In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Martin 
Hopkins writes:
    Warner> : >>>>> "Warner" == Warner Losh <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
    Warner> : 
    Warner> :     Warner> In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> John 
Polstra writes:
    Warner> :     Warner> : > This is probably a candidate for UPDATING.
    Warner> :     Warner> : 
    Warner> :     Warner> : That wouldn't hurt.  But it actually affects _all_ 
branches, I
    Warner> :     Warner> : believe.  So in a way, UPDATING doesn't cover enough 
    Warner> : 
    Warner> :     Warner> Does anybody have any text that is better than the following?
    Warner> :     Warner> 20000711:
    Warner> :     Warner>       If you used to get your crypto files from internat, 
AND you
    Warner> :     Warner>       used cvsup to get cvs' ,v files, then the latest 
    Warner> :     Warner>       to the source collections will impact you.  You will 
need to
    Warner> :     Warner>       remove all the crypto files and start over.
    Warner> : 
    Warner> : My understanding was that the problem was cvsuping the crypto ,v
    Warner> : files from internat and then using cvs to get a source tree, i.e I was
    Warner> : under the impression that cvsup in checkout mode was ok.

    Warner> Do you have a suggested better text?  I thought I said that.

How about...

        If you used to mirror the crypto portion of the repository from
        internat AND used cvs to check out crypto sources from your local
        repository then the recent changes to the source collections will
        impact you.  You will need to remove all your crypto sources (e.g
        cvs release -d crypto) and start over.

Comments Brian?


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