In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Martin Hopkins 
: >>>>> "Warner" == Warner Losh <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
:     Warner> In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> John Polstra 
:     Warner> : > This is probably a candidate for UPDATING.
:     Warner> : 
:     Warner> : That wouldn't hurt.  But it actually affects _all_ branches, I
:     Warner> : believe.  So in a way, UPDATING doesn't cover enough ground.
:     Warner> Does anybody have any text that is better than the following?
:     Warner> 20000711:
:     Warner>   If you used to get your crypto files from internat, AND you
:     Warner>   used cvsup to get cvs' ,v files, then the latest changes
:     Warner>   to the source collections will impact you.  You will need to
:     Warner>   remove all the crypto files and start over.
: My understanding was that the problem was cvsuping the crypto ,v
: files from internat and then using cvs to get a source tree, i.e I was
: under the impression that cvsup in checkout mode was ok.

Do you have a suggested better text?  I thought I said that.


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